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Transformation to a Complete Sissy
Step by Step
Transformation Program to help you Act Feel and Pass as The Woman You've Always Dreamt to be!
***Weekly Task***
***Training & Guidance***
***How Too Instructional Video***
***Rewards & Punishment***
And Much More!!

You know why you're here, and so do we, because it's what we have gone through also. My name is Missy Springdale and I serve Mistress Lilly Springdale. There are many challenges to your decision of tranforming yourself into the woman you truely are inside. These obstacles are very hard to overcome, especially alone. Some things you are going to face with your journey. Appearance which includes dressing and finding your size and style. Make up and the proper tones colors that will make you look like the beautiful sexy woman you seek to be.Attitude, a huge part of passing and feeling like a woman is in your atttitude, like they say Attitude is Everything. Then you have Mannerisms,Voice,Sex It just keeps going. You could and probally have researched for information and help. But still feel lost in the confusion and alone. You could find friends who share your need, or your wife girlfriend? Maybe a Mistress? Well you are in luck because Mistress Lilly has the Experience to properly feminize even the Most Dominate Men into the Crossdresser woman or sissys you truely are and desire to express.
We have developed a no-nonsense approach for transformation. Our experience is here to help feminize and transfom you. YOU WILL BE forced to become completely sissified. Mistress Lilly and sissy Missy know what is best for you. We know what you need and desire.

Your personal sissy training is designed to guide you into taking the first steps from being a submissive male or dominant male into becoming a sissy. We understand how that might be intimidating to you. Mistress Lilly and sissy Missy offer a comfortable and safe envirement for your journey in exploring your needs and what your new Mistress, Master or lovers might expect from you.

For those of you who are brave enough to take the step in moving forward, your dreams will come true. This sissy training will offer you the guidance and tasks in begining your journey of becoming the girl you fantasize about. You should never feel ashamed or uncomfortable. There are things you will just have to adjust to. Mistress Lilly and her sissy Missy are available to answer your questions or concerns and you can move at a level of comfort that works for you. Discipline will be distributed to those who fail at their tasks however. Proof of task completion will be required. If discretion is an issue, you can trust that you will not be exposed unless it's your desire to be exposed.

Now is the time to Start embracing your true need and inner desire to be a sissy. You will learn through Daily Email from Mistress with Training and Task which is designed as a step by step approach to proven success.There will be strict rules and assignments that will strip away your male shell. Through these daily assignments and task you can expect will be forced to lose weight, learn female hygiene, Easy techniques for body and facial hair removal and learn about chasity and orgasm denial. There are many different types of sissies and crossdressers at many different stages, and obstacles such as family, job, married etc we understand this and have taylored our training to meet the needs of everyone. Here is the time to make a change and become you, the woman!

Heres What You Will Receive
as Part of The 30 Day Membership
Sissy Training Curriculum
  • –Weekly Email from Mistress; A Weekly email from Mistress Lilly.In Each Email you will recieve a Weekly Task, a Training Assignment, Weekly words from Mistress and missy with the sissy perspective of the task and instruction and more!.
  • Membership Site Access –Exclusive Member Access to All Benefits of Membership. Some of these include Your own Sissy Blog,How too Instructional & Hypno Videos, Guidance and q&a with a Real Mistress and her live in sissy of 5 years, Private Chat with other Sissys and more!
  • Weekly Training Instruction – Training will include: *Appearance, *Voice, *Attitude, *Mannerisms, *Sex, *Coming Out, *Hiding Male Characteristics, and Hormones. Everything you Need to Transform Yourself into the Woman You Are!
  • Weekly TASK –Task Given Weekly from Mistress. These Task are to be Adhered too! Proof Will Be Asked For, or You Will Suffer The Punishment of Your Disobedience by Mistress!.
  • Monthly Bonus –Every Month a Bonus will be Given to each Member. These invaluable Bonuses will Add up Way Past the Monthly Cost of Membership.

Hear what Real Sissys say about this program

I have been on Mistress Lilly Springdale's Sissyfication program since July, 2014. From the beginning I knew there was something special about it. Before being on the program I was an over stressed arrogant bossy person always having to be the one in charge. Now I'm well on my way of being a very happy obedient submissive sissy girl, happy to give up my leadership/ domineering rolls always in awe of my Mistress and all the help she gives me in becoming the best sissy I can. I would walk to the ends of the earth for her, she owns me. this program is awesome highly recommended recommend it for everyone
Kimmie Rose, Albuquerque New Mexico

Miss Lilly Springdale's Sissy Training has helped me realize myself as the sissy I want to be! I find myself to be a much more confident and skilled sissy under the spell of the beautiful Miss Lilly's Training guide! I'm proud to be one of Miss Lilly's sissy girls! - Ginger Heart

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